Ramaplast for the environment

We love to work in a energy-efficient manner with respecting for the enviroment, while continuosly looking for new solutions and new plastic materials able to reduce the packaging environmental impact.

What we offer

  • Integrated recycling in every industrial process
  • Post consumer recycled (PCR) plastic materials
  • Plastics from renewable sources
  • Bio-based plastic
  • Biodegradable additives

Recycling by design

Our plastic processing processes have been designed to integrate the instantaneous recycling of scraps, when compatible with the material and characteristics required.
Anything that cannot be recycled is sorted and sent to platforms specialising in the regeneration of plastics.
We can also use recycled materials available on the market and certified by international companies, such as R-PE and R-PET.

Natural sources

The continuous research to be able to offer a sustainable packaging has led Ramaplast to use materials from renewable sources to realise its products. Particular attention has also been paid to the origin of these sustainable materials, currently they are coming from sugar cane plantations managed with eco-sustainable methods. We are always very active in participating in international research calls to test materials and masters with charges of vegetable origin.

PE GREEN Bottles and jars

PE Green is made of 96% from renewable sources from sustainable plantations. It does not show any odour or colour variations.

PP GREEN Bottles and jars

PP Green is made of 33% from renewable sources from sustainable plantations. It does not show any odour or colour variations.


PET Green is made of 20% from vegetable raw materials and renewable sources. It does not show any odour or colour variations. Its classic transparency is guaranteed.

R-PE Bottles

The Recycled PE comes from 50% recycled material. The percentage of use must be 50%. Each colour is to be tested for the individual needs of the projects.

R-PET PET bottles

The Recycled PET comes from 100% recycled material. While respecting the environment, this material is nowadays recognised, because it does not achieve total transparency or a pure white.

ECM Bottles and jars

The ECM is an additive that is used at 1% and triggers over time a process of degradability of the article once it is disposed of.